Infused with the Spirit

I love to bake!

This morning, inspired by a crisp autumn day and surrounded by the beauty of nature’s art, I decided to bake ginger spice cookies. First, I gathered all the spices to grind. I don’t take the time to grind whole spices for all of my baking, however, this added step of savoring became this morning’s meditation:

  • Crystallized ginger’s sharp earthy scent;
  • Cinnamon which makes so many things taste better;
  • Cloves flood me with memories surrounding Christmas; and,
  • Molasses … a mindful slowness.

I think of how these spices grow and how molasses is harvested. Simple,yet complex. Isn’t that what God is:  Simple, yet complex?

The cookies bake and our home is infused with the spicy fragrances creating a warmth and comfort from the cold rainy day. God is here in the blending of scents, traditions, memories, and love. How can I be the fragrance of Christ in the world everyday?

4 thoughts on “Infused with the Spirit”

  1. Wow, I bet your home smells wonderful! What a great way to welcome in the Thanksgiving Season. The fall colors have been beautiful the past few days.
    Natures beauty is soothing to my soul.


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