A Long, Winding Road 

Sometimes we have to release something to allow new to be born. I’ve been holding tightly to a piece of my life which is becoming evident that it needs to close. It’s hard to let go because it involves other people and I don’t want to let them down.

Today I walked a labyrinth. I have done this in prayer before and each experience is different. As I walked, I thought about the twists and turns in my life and asked God, “What new life is being born in me?” My question wasn’t answered, but in the silence, I knew I needed to wait with patience. God will reveal when it’s time. Although the in-between times can be dark and uncomfortable, they are necessary for transformation. I have experienced times like this before. I would never seek them. Yet, in these times, I experience deep growth that never happens otherwise. I am filled with gratitude for God leading me through his door and showing me the way.

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