Filling and Emptying

I write my story every day intending it to be my evening prayer. Sometimes my ideas of God and the Holy Spirit have gotten in the way of actually praying. When I see God during the day, many times, I think about how I might capture that insight in my blog post that evening.

Henry Nouwen said, “When I think about prayer, I can talk about it with moving words and write about it with conviction, but in both situations I am not really praying but reflecting on it with a certain distance.” Something in my heart told me this is true for me, too. What I read today, and quoted above, solidified that feeling of separation from God.

So now it’s up to me to act. With a convicted spirit I will make sure I include that important time with God as part of my evening writings.

One thought on “Filling and Emptying”

  1. So true, Anne. We can substitute reading about and thinking about talking with our Lord, without actually speaking to Him. It’s meant to be a conversation.


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