O Wisdom

Today I ran into someone who helped me out ten years ago. During that wilderness time in my life I had been searching for something and, although we had never met before, she knew where to find it. Part of what she offered was her own talent, not expecting anything in return.

When I saw her today I was able to express how much her generosity meant to me. A gift I will never forget; unexpectedly given by a stranger. The piece of herself given graciously became a fragment of my journey and helped me to discover the way led by God.

I continue to grow in wisdom while traveling this narrow path. Looking back it amazes me how many people touch my life without my knowledge at the time. I don’t know how my actions affect others, but I am grateful I had this opportunity to tell someone how they impacted my life so many years ago.

Make me to know your ways, O LORD; teach me your paths. ~Psalm 25:4

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