O Lord of Might

I am in awe of God. In August, I drove through thick fog in the North Carolina mountains. I was leaving Montreat early in the morning on the way to St. Vincent Archabbey in western PA. “God spoke to them in a pillar of clouds” resonated from the evening psalm I read the night before. God’s message is not always clear, but that day his presence in the clouds was certain.

When I’m in need of clarity, many times I turn to scripture. I used to pray, “Give me strength,” but one day while ruminating on a phrase from the psalms, “Be my strength,” it dawned on me that God has already given me strength. I just need to “tap into” it by entrusting my burdens and fears to God, allowing myself to be vulnerable, making sure I’m not too lofty, and choosing to turn the controls over to God.

I have the power within to face my fears; the Lord will “be my strength”.

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