True Light

It is a new year. I’ve made resolutions in the past only to break them not far into the year. As I have tried to live true to who God created me to be, I realize that annual resolutions hold no special significance for me.

Once, walking a labyrinth, I heard God say to me, “Find your voice”. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that message, but I thought about it a lot before deciding to walk the labyrinth again in hopes of hearing more. I did. But this time God said, “Go back to your music”. I laughed and said under my voice, “That would be great, but how? I’m in youth ministry full time.” I stayed open to listening and God found a way. Music, a piece of me that had been hidden for so long, was bursting forth. I had to uncover that gift from God and allow it to shine. It was not a smooth journey, but I am thankful and I continue to learn along the way.

Now I only desire to live a life shining God’s light in the world and that is a resolution of a lifetime. Living in God’s true light brings me great joy, which springs forth so naturally that I cannot control how it is manifested. I know it comes from God, therefore I am not afraid. My deepest joy is to hear and share stories of how God is shining in our lives as we help each other illuminate the light of Christ.

2 thoughts on “True Light”

  1. Your wonderful mother would have been so proud of you for the awakening of music but especially for shining forth the light of Christ in your life.


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