Refreshing and New

I find joy in discovering new things. How may I refresh and awaken my creativity in the new year?

Sometimes, when reading something familiar, I lose focus on the meaning of the text, but when I purposefully read it in a different way, maybe out loud or slowly, more is revealed. I often do this when reading scripture or praying; when I challenge myself, ordinary things can be illuminated.

The Advent tea calendar I received as a gift became an important lesson for me in opening myself to new experiences and thoughts about habitual things. I didn’t necessarily want to break away from my English Breakfast Tea ritual each morning, yet doing so taught me about diverse tea traditions and cultures.

Rituals, traditions, and routines are comforting, but they are mindless and do not allow me to grow. By challenging myself, I observe and learn using different senses. Rather than mindless eating, I can practice savoring every bite. If I’m stuck in traffic or in a long line, I can choose to let it go. If I hear music or see artwork that I don’t understand I can use my imagination and uncover my own appreciation.

This new year, I will strive to more consciously look for God everywhere and to live in hope and joy.

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