Be More. Do Less.

Our daughter was in town for Christmas, but is now heading back to grad school. A few days ago, we said goodbye to 2017 and, last month, grieved the loss of our cat. Letting go can be very difficult, especially of people, pets, and things we love.

When I am able to remember the past, bless it, and move on, I can live in each moment and past burdens are lifted. When I look too far ahead I may feel anxious about the unknown. So I strive to be right where I am now. I try to “be” more than “do”. This can be very difficult, but with practice, it gets easier.

I remember that, when my mother died, I returned to college and kept busy. It wasn’t until nine years later that I allowed myself to grieve her loss. I cried for a solid week. What triggered that emotion was a Stephen Ministry retreat in which I was asked to reflect on an experience. I don’t specifically remember the topic, but what I do remember is someone caring and listening.

There are many times when I “do”, but I’ve learned how important it is to balance them with times to “be”. These are times of peace and healing; a gift from God.

4 thoughts on “Be More. Do Less.”

  1. Anne, Thank you for your blogs. You have such special kernels of personal truths in each one. Each picture and its colors speaks of God as well. I think you are weaving a tapestry of life’s feelings for all of us. Well done my sister in Christ. All for His Glory, Claire

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  2. Letting go is the issue I’m dealing with now. There seem to be endless life lessons of “letting go” as you mentioned, the loss of a pet, the death of my husband 13 years ago, retiring from a loved profession and now letting go of who I have known myself to be but am no more.


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