True Love

On the first day of Christmas…

I love that we celebrate Christmas for twelve days! I never really cared for the song; it seems to go on forever and ever. I didn’t make a connection with my faith until recently when I learned that this song may have been written to help children and adults learn and preserve the basic principles of Christianity. There are many varying thoughts about what each day symbolizes, but I like the idea of each person choosing a symbol that resonates with them to help preserve their learning.

The first day refers to a partridge in a pear tree. According to Gordon Giles “partridges, apparently, feign injury to protect their chicks. And a tree in Christian symbolism has an obvious parallel to the tree of the cross. Therefore, this might suggest that God, whom we take to be the true love, sent his Son Jesus on the first day of Christmas.”

I am not sure this new knowledge will change my impression of this song, but I do know I will perceive it in a different way. As I sing each verse, considering what each day represents in relation to the Bible, knowledge of my faith will be preserved.

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