Hide and Seek

On this feast of Epiphany, the celebration of Christ’s manifestation to the world, I think of a time I found God in the asphalt.

One day I was taking a walk on a bright sunny day. My eyes were drawn to the road covered with sparkling objects reminiscent of thousands of glittering stars. It was a beautiful sight and I was filled with the urge to pray.

Later that same year, at a sad time in my life, I was eager to feel the presence of God again and went for a walk along the same path. It was another sunny day, but I didn’t see the “stars”. I kept looking all along the road ahead, beside and behind me. No stars. I was so disappointed. Continuing on my walk I tried not to be too discouraged.

As I rounded the corner to return home I noticed a greeting card, a bit dirty, on the road next to a trash can. It caught my eye because butterflies were pictured on the front of the card. I have other stories about butterflies for another time. I opened the card and nothing had been written inside. Its message said, “Thinking of you and wishing you happiness this day and always”. That day was near the anniversary of my mother’s death and I felt as if she were speaking these words to me. My tear-filled eyes were again drawn to the road. There they were; millions of stars! To my amazement God had reappeared.

As I reminisce about this experience, it seems as if God was playing a game of hide and seek with me, taking great delight in his creation. God is never found in the same place, but if we seek him with our whole heart, mind and soul we will find him. God, who shines like stars in unexpected places, motivates me to shine the light of Christ in the world.

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