Sometimes I bake something I don’t really like. Today, I baked fruitcake because I received three pounds of beautiful pecans for Christmas and wanted to use them in something special. Although fruitcake is not my top choice, a friend gave me some that she made and I was surprised by how much I really liked it. I loved how pecan-laden it was with just the right balance of fruit. She shared her recipe so I purchased all of the ingredients. Before actually baking it, I asked myself, “What can I do with ten pounds of fruitcake?”

This week aligns perfectly. I am involved in three events which I can “gift” with fruitcake because I am sure some attending have palates inclined toward this rich treat. And it is a hefty treat for sure. Pure brick.

As I mixed the pecans into the fruit and egg mixture, I thought of how necessary the flour and egg “mortar” was to the solid pecan foundation. Much of my life I have been learning about God. In the past decade I’ve created a more solid foundation by filling in the cracks with contemplative prayer practices. I am convicted in my belief that, without allowing space to listen to God, my life cannot hold together as well. I’ve lived through a time of crumbling foundation and it was a helpless feeling. Although everything in my life is not “palate pleasing,” what I choose to do that feels right in my heart pleases God. And that brings me great joy.

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