I’ve been infusing vodka, bourbon and other spirits with Madagascar vanilla beans over the years. I just treated myself to a new kind of bean from Papua New Guinea, and I’m excited to experiment with this Tahitian variety. Having baked most of my life, vanilla extract is a staple in my pantry. Making my own vanilla has brought a new dimension to my baking; infusing everything I bake with love.

At times I feel like a sponge eager to soak up nourishment from God. God always answers, but not always when or in the ways I expect. The vanilla beans and vodka I prepared today will become a rich amber extract in a few months. Although the ingredients are simple, time and patience bring out its fullness. I nurture the mixture by shaking the jars daily then wait for the emulsion to thoroughly transform. That’s similar to how I feel God’s presence in my life; deeply infused by the Holy Spirit.

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