We Fall Down and Get Back Up…Fall Down and Get Up…Fall Down and Get Up

This is how some monks describe the monastic life; falling down and getting back up, over and over again. Obedience and discipline are not easy.

I recently spoke with someone who is having great results on a weight loss plan, yet recent progress seems to have slowed down and she is not seeing any changes. As a Benedictine oblate I took vows of obedience to pray several times daily. Being faithful to God can be difficult, especially when we don’t always see the results. Through prayer my interior self changes; this I know after years of practicing discipline and holding onto faith. I am constantly falling down and getting back up.

Faith is important because without it I may not be fully motivated. I keep motivated by sharing my story with friends and family; allowing them to support and encourage me. We need each other. When I don’t notice results it’s important for me to remember that God mysteriously works in ways not always visible. God picks me up when I fall down and is always here for me, but I must also be here with God.

2 thoughts on “We Fall Down and Get Back Up…Fall Down and Get Up…Fall Down and Get Up”

  1. I’ve fallen down and pulled myself up all of my life. It makes you appreciate the peaks of life although hard when you’re experiencing the dark valley.


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