Holy Ghostwriter

As a music major I was required to take theory classes. I am quite sure theory is not the reason I love music, and I still find it fascinating that our daughter chose to major in music theory and composition.

Doubtful that I intentionally left off the detailed analysis of chromatic third harmony pictured above, seeing the colorful red marks I obviously missed several other parts of the assignment. At the bottom of the page my professor remarked, “Only because it is so successful musically can I overlook (this time only!) the omission of analysis…this should be developed into a larger piece.” Although humbled and grateful for his remarks I moved on with no interest in pursuing his suggestion of taking composition lessons.

Twenty years later, while creating A Tapestry of Uncommon Prayer: A weaving of scripture, art and music, I uncovered this long forgotten assignment. I pondered the harmonies and my professor’s remarks for months. After Tapestry, I knew where God was leading me next; a similar program, but this one a service of worship reflecting Jesus’ life and how our lives are newly created through Christ. Life Revealed: A Pilgrimage through Poetry, Music and Art, depicts our journey with Christ through the church season. Eager to begin, I started work on this new program immediately.

Rediscovering these nine measures of composition, the music spoke to me of the mystery and presence of God and the Holy Spirit. For three years I expanded and revised it into a composition for choir, piano, violin and cello. Musicians were gathered and it was performed as part of Life Revealed. I do not consider myself a composer, nor do I understand how or why I wrote this music. I do know that as I worked relentlessly God must have written the notes through my heart.

2 thoughts on “Holy Ghostwriter”

  1. Astonished and disarmed to see this, Anne, at a remove of c. three decades! Your professor sorely needed to refine his calligraphy. I’m delighted that this assignment may have spoken to you and that you felt inspired to develop, expand, and complete it years later. I’m very pleased, too, that your talented daughter happily inherited your distinctive musical genomes! Warm best wishes to you and your family

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