Brioches à tête

Today was brioche day. We have been pre-spring cleaning the past two days, so a comfort bread seemed appropriate to make. I liked making “snowmen” out of dough with large amounts of butter!

Once baked, a few of the “heads” became two heads or seemed to melt into more of a mound than a head. I didn’t care if they didn’t look like the picture in the cookbook because the luscious scent of butter-full fresh bread filled our home, beckoning for us to taste it.

Sometimes I try to recreate things I experienced as a child. Molding dough into shapes reminds me of a project I worked on in second grade. I don’t remember the assignment, but I do remember making balls out of soft store-bought bread and shaping the balls into animals to create a scene. They didn’t always turn out the way I pictured them in my mind, but trusting that there would be “a” good, final outcome was – is – like having faith in God’s will for my life.

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