Dazzling as the Sun

Today we celebrated the transfiguration of Christ. Our choir sang a luminous anthem by Gwyneth Walker with text by Delores Dufner, OSB. The organ, arrayed in sparkling registration, painted shimmering light. Music and words urged us to listen to Christ as low voices repeatedly chanted “Hear him! Hear him! Hear him!” The dramatic anthem concluded by singing the powerful message of our hope of glory. We, both singers and listeners, were full participants in the story. The combination of music and text invite me to experience a piece of Easter splendor. But Lent approaches and I must be patient.

Gazing on the Lord by radiant light transfigured, see the pattern of our lives: cross embraced to Easter splendor. Claim the Gospel vision wondrous: we are God’s beloved ones. Claim the transformation promised: destiny of glory! ~Delores Dufner, OSB

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