Beloved Heirlooms

A few members of my family take great delight in smelling the pages of new books. I met someone just last week who has the same enjoyment. As she took a huge whiff of the book’s interior, she said it brings back pleasant memories of her school library. Many times, I am reminded of the past by smells or heirlooms.

I just received genealogy results from a kit given to me for Christmas. Some things made me chuckle such as my likelihood of sneezing after eating dark chocolate. Yes, it’s true. I sneeze most days because I keep a stash of dark chocolate in my desk. If you visit me I’ll share with you!

Today, I sorted through many boxes of past memories as we continue to organize our basement. A family quilt hanging in our dining room beckoned me to observe the embroidered blocks more closely. Each quilt pattern, thirty-six blocks in all, was stitched by a different person, and that person either stamped with ink or embroidered their name on the block. In some instances, locations such as Boston and Roxbury, MA; Bangor, ME; and even poetry were included. Some of the individual quilt patterns include “Flying Geese”, “Friendship Star”, “Maltese Cross” and “Jacob’s Ladder”. Although I know very little about quilts, I feel a close connection to family through this special piece of art.

I am grateful to have a family and the ability to learn about my ancestors. I am also grateful to know that I, and we all are, beloved children of God.

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