I can’t stop thinking about the special dinner we recently enjoyed at Vicia. When I asked them to tell me about their sourdough bread and they replied, “We mill our own wheat,” I knew the rest of the meal would be memorable. I loved the environmental atmosphere; “one” with nature, and the super fresh herbs and vegetables immensely pleased my palate. I especially appreciated the amazing mingling of ingredients. It was a fulfilling experience for all of my senses.

Psychologist and wilderness guide, Bill Plotkin, believes that to “save our souls” we need to reconnect with nature. To rediscover who we truly are—and who our brothers and sisters are—we must become intimate with our natural surroundings. The wisdom of nature can’t be understood with our thinking mind. We have to experience it with our being and let it speak to us through all our senses. -Richard Rohr

2 thoughts on “Vicia”

  1. Just the other day this was yildvto me, “ the importance of nature to the health of our soul. Just this week I read it, & than heard it said by a psychologist and now I read it again in your blog. That’s not coincidence that’s God showing up telling me to pay attention.
    Loved this reading!


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