Within the Fibers

We finished painting! I was not very hopeful as we still had quite a bit of taping to do. But people kept arriving to help throughout the day. What a blessing. Sunday we remove the tape and touch up a few spots.

Stories. That is what this canvas holds. Stories and prayers. As we worked on the labyrinth we met strangers who became friends. We shared silence, music, and stories with each other. We wrote prayers, favorite scripture passages, and messages of hope on areas of the canvas that were eventually painted over. The canvas fibers of this labyrinth will forever keep these words as people walk its path for many years. One who walks it will never journey alone.

2 thoughts on “Within the Fibers”

  1. God is good. And what a depth of meaning the labyrinth will hold for all those who continue to walk it through the years, as the story is told and retold. With thanks for the vision and the determination that have brought this to pass.


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