Our labyrinth is completed and I am full of joy and exhaustion! With gratitude for many, many things: Over five days, thirty people ages 13 to 80, moving cinder blocks, attaching tarp clips and bungee cords to pull the 26′ octagonal canvas taut, measuring and locating the center and perpendicular lines, cutting templates with X-Acto knives, tracing designs onto canvas, erasing designs from canvas, re-tracing designs onto canvas, taping around lines, painting, and removing tape to reveal the finished creation of walkable art, and one of our pastors arriving at the perfect moment to bless the labyrinth before storing it for the first “walk” on June 10. So many hours and long days. Yes, I did wonder if it was worth the effort. Now: 100% YES!!! The love, excitement, and fun we had! The new things we learned. The bonds created between old and new friends. Would I make another labyrinth? I am not prepared to answer that question just yet. Maybe ask me next year.

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