Road Trip

I just returned from a road trip; this one like no other I’ve experienced before. On this adventure, I learned a new language. The language of labyrinths: lunations, petals, walls, mouth, circuit, path. While on vacation, sometimes I get a sunburn, or hiking in the mountains my feet may get blisters. Working on the labyrinth, I experienced soreness in muscles never felt before. Kneeling day after day on a floor hiding hard concrete underneath, I was grateful for knee pads. Sometimes pilgrims demonstrate their faith by journeying on their knees. Some travel for miles to basilicas and shrines praying for healing, following a faithful tradition, and as an act of thanks to God. Sometimes our journey is painful. When we walk alongside others who are wounded or in need of prayer, we can help each other heal by sharing our story.

Today, returning “home” from this part of the trip, I think back on new friends made along the way. I think back on many hours of hard work. And I look ahead with anticipation for the next part of the journey with God guiding our steps.

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