Heart Whispers

Why was I, a lifelong Presbyterian, led to become a Benedictine oblate? As a musician, I was first drawn to the St. Meinrad community by the beautiful chanting of the monks. The Liturgy of the Hours and regularly practicing lectio divina introduced me to a rhythm of prayer that deeply spoke to me. I decided to make the commitment to become an oblate; becoming a partner in prayer with this monastery and deepening my relationship with Christ. I am now being nourished through two faith communities. What I learn about the Benedictine way of life empowers me as I lead contemplative prayer groups in my own Presbyterian faith community.

My journey has been long and not always easy, but through learning to “listen carefully with the ear of my heart” (Prologue to St. Benedict’s Rule), God called me to a place where I would begin to discover my true self. Hearts do not lie and my heart was restless; I was in a dark place. God’s voice spoke to me repeatedly, though patiently, until I awoke enough to realize I had to change and save my crumbling soul. To live, I first had to re-discover gifts, musical gifts, that had remained hidden for fifteen years. Gifts I needed to revive my soul. At the same time, I learned how to listen to God.

Part two tomorrow…

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