More Heart Whispers

butterfly on purple flowerMy story continues from yesterday…I first felt a strong yearning. I cannot explain any of this in words, but it is something I needed to follow. I believe there are mysteries so deep that we cannot understand, and that’s okay. The hard part is letting go of our habits and desires to gain control in order to find the answers we are searching for. And that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in!

Last summer, the Spirit breathed new life into me as I trekked on a pilgrimage across the country to people and places I did not know. I planned this journey thinking I would be listening to other people’s stories of faith. When they, in turn, asked me to share my story, doing so was personally transformational. I returned home with new discoveries about my pursuit in faith and a deeper conviction about allowing opportunities for us to share our stories.

The more I draw closer to God, seek God in all, and strive to live my life as a prayer, the more I realize I cannot do it alone. This is hard work; I need help! When I struggle with faith, God answers with strength and endurance to persevere.

I have learned to be grateful for all I have experienced; consolation as well as desolation. It is through perseverance and commitment that I am growing to discover more about who I am and who God created me to be. Allowing myself to be at peace with my true self offers glimpses of heaven on earth. God abides in our hearts, and we are nourished by what we are rooted in: God’s love. If we listen and follow our hearts to where God leads us, we calm our restless hearts and allow God’s glory to shine to the world.

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