Rooting Rosemary!

I have much to learn about many, many things. One thing I did not know, until discovering just a few days ago, that a rosemary clipping can root. I’m quite excited to learn this since I don’t have much luck keeping rosemary alive. So now I can take sprigs from the “mother plant” and maybe, just maybe, have a greater chance of at least one lasting throughout the year.

Rosemary symbolizes remembrance. When I try to remember things, I repeat things about them; a bit like rooting them in my mind. The scent of rosemary lingers, especially when rubbed between fingers. The memory of scent adds another layer of nostalgia. Memory is a precious thing. Knowing it can slowly fade, I strive to be intentional about writing in a journal. I don’t like reading what I’ve written years ago, but when I do, I usually learn something new about myself that I forgot or didn’t realize at the time. I am thankful for the ability to remember and for things that encourage remembrance.

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