Lately I’ve been composing text for quite a few projects. Have I mentioned that I really don’t enjoy writing? Yet it’s clear to me that God is calling me to write here, on my blog. The other situations involve helping others understand projects I’m excited about. I’m involved in creating a prayer room for General Assembly, so descriptions are needed to explain the various opportunities to pray. Having just completed a labyrinth, I’ve been asked many questions about it, so I’m writing about the process of making one, including a bit of history, and explaining how to use it as a tool for prayer. Posters need to be created for the large Presbyterian gathering, and some require special forms to fill out. More words.

Today my calendar reminded me it’s National Day of Prayer. When there are too many words in my life, it’s hard for me to focus. In Naked Spirituality, Brian McLaren suggests praying with just twelve simple words. Today my word was “here.” It helps for me to be reminded that God is here in this place, wherever I am. When my life is full of too many words, I can focus on the simplicity of one.

Hold your palms open, saying, “I am here in this place now…I am here in this place, open to you, God.” ~ Brian McLaren

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