Liquid Bread

Today I milled various grains purchased from a local brew store where I previously sampled them in a “grain tasting.” I’m curious about baking bread with Pale Ale malt; comparing the taste with roasted barley, rye, and Crystal 60 malt. I’ll soak the grains in water overnight and create a separate “poolish” with wheat flour, yeast and water. Tomorrow they will be mixed together with more flour, as well as salt, yeast, honey, oil and egg, before baking. Then a “toast” to Pale Ale Bread (and for baking it during a heat wave).

The various grains are so rich in color, and their smell is pretty intense too. I love experimenting with bread and can’t wait to taste the nuances of each loaf. Not everyone is passionate about the same things. I have to remember that; especially when I get caught up in moments of bread-dom and faith-dom. But I’m always willing to share!

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