God in the Middle

Today I walked an outdoor labyrinth with our son. He will be leaving in a few days for Europe, so I asked if he would do this with me before he left. It was really, really cool to experience this walking meditation together. As we slowly moved around the path, I felt as if I was praying with and for him. At times we walked parallel to each other in the next path over or at various distances. When our paths took us different directions, I thought of our family. Our children are moving away, yet we are still connected by faith.

After walking, we shared our experiences. Some were similar, others different. He watched his footsteps the whole time and noticed how they became more intentional after spending time in the middle with God. He also looked around, behind and ahead, and recognized how important it is to look right where he is now, at where his feet are taking him this moment. We cannot change the past and we do not know the future. God is in the center, here, now. Knowing this brings us peace.

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