Trinitarian Blessings

My daughter and I added some final artful touches to the labyrinth today. First we sponge-painted metallic gold over a too-obvious-to-miss paint blotch. I would have been fine to leave it except that it was smack dab at the entrance. We added flecks of gold to some of the cobalt blue areas. After the surface dried, I added a message from scripture to the sponge-painted area at the entrance.

As I painted I thought of a beautiful piece by K. Lee Scott, sung in worship this Trinity Sunday.

May the Sending One sing in you, May the Seeking One walk with you, May the Greeting One stand by you in your gladness and in your grieving. May the Gifted One relieve you, May the Given One retrieve you, May the Giving One receive you, In your falling and your restoring. May the Binding One unite you, May the One Beloved invite you, May the Loving One delight you, Three-in-One, joy in life unending. ~ Brian Wren

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