God’s Compass

Today we walked our hand-created labyrinth for the first time. Several people commented on how many things were happening in their lives, and how peaceful it was to let go of some of this anxious busyness. Walking the winding path helped them brush away thoughts that didn’t seem as important anymore. After walking, they had an opportunity to write or draw reflections in a book. This book will travel to General Assembly next week where hundreds more will add their thoughts. Whenever I experience something good or bad, it helps if I am able to share my thoughts with someone. If a person I trust is not available, I know I can always call on God. People used to tell me this all the time when I was younger, and I didn’t fully understand how true this is. God is always willing to listen. When my orientation is fixed in the center, where God dwells, I live my life with meaning. And one by one we can help each other heal and find inner peace.

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