Light Dawns

Today we finished creating our prayer room for General Assembly. A peaceful place full of visual art, it takes on a different look when the lights sparkle and candles are lit. We had to be creative since nothing could be hung on ceiling or walls, so the baptismal font creates art with water and light. Submersible lights allow the water to reflect through the bubbler, creating dancing shadows on the ceiling. The glow of candles creates a sense of mystery. Come visit and see the world in a new way.

Einstein’s realization that light (which is color) is the quintessence of the universe paralleled the apotheosis [i.e., glorification or divinization] of light by the artists. Before Einstein made his discovery, Claude Monet announced that “the real subject of every painting is light.” Echoing this sentiment, Einstein later commented, “For the rest of my life I want to reflect on what light is.” ~ Leonard Shlain

Today I invite you to pay attention to light—its colors and the wonderful shadows it casts—and see the world in a new way. ~ Richard Rohr

Light dawns on a weary world. ~ Mary Louise Bringle

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