I introduced some out of town friends to the Cathedral Basilica today. Although I have visited this space many times, I always notice something different in the mosaics. Today the deer drinking from streams drew my attention. As I sat in a pew, refreshed by cool air and the chance to sit amidst a busy time, I closed my eyes and listened to all of the other visitors walking in silence around the large church. I thought of how many different directions our lives take us and how we all thirst in different ways. How wonderful we have spaces like this to refresh us with living water.

One thought on “Thirst”

  1. An appropriate post reflective of the water visuals at the opening service at the GA yesterday. I’m so glad to have attended to experience the massive organization and coordination. Your part was so evident in The Prayer Room, such a peaceful place with so many sensory areas. We did not go upstairs to the Labyrinth but saw those wonderful wiggle arrows on the first floor showing us the way. There should be hundreds of walkers who will seek it. So glad to have watched it evolve at Ladue. I wish there had been time to make bookmarks of the incredible door with its history on the back. I would love one. With such low light, it needs spotlighting to be appreciated. Finally, it was a joy to see you appear on the big screen yesterday several times. Your caracas defined that one song. Have a great week and I know you will make many friends. All for His Glory, Claire Sent from my iPhone



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