That’s Life

Our daughter is having a difficult time finding an apartment within important parameters like cost, distance to work and school, and transportation options. Life becomes more complicated the older we get. When she was a child, I took road trips with her. We had such fun traveling across the country to visit grandparents on the East coast. One such visit, over dinner, we were having a conversation on a topic I do not recall. What I do remember is a charming misunderstanding. Grandpa exclaimed, “Ah well, C’est la vie”. To which our daughter responded, “Lovey.” I will never forget the laughter, and our daughter’s quizzical look wondering what was so funny. She’s heard this story retold many times over the years, and I hope that by hearing it again we might share a bit of laughter. Like life, throughout her apartment search, there will be bumps along the way and more road trips in search of another place to live. Remembering back to times of innocence in our lives, we realize how we’ve grown in many ways. And at some point, we laugh at fond memories and realize that, although big deals at the time, those become smaller and smaller as we grow. Such is life.

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