I will be staying at a monastery for the next several days to spend more focused time with God and refuel a bit. During this time I will continue to write as part of my evening prayer, but I will not engage in social media or respond to emails and texts. When I first visited Saint Meinrad Archabbey, I “unplugged” for the week, which I believed was vital to giving God my full attention. Sure, it can be boring at times, but that’s not bad. When I feel that way, and allow myself to unveil my vulnerability a little, this is when the light of Christ is able to shine through and enter my life more deeply. But I have to allow that to happen. It can be difficult at times to just sit with God. Sometimes it feels as if not much is happening, yet these times of “nothingness” are so important to spiritual growth. I have come to long for these opportunities to get away and not be tempted to bake, do laundry, or weed because I know that God is cultivating a much more important garden in my soul.

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