What Are You Preparing For?

Today I asked myself, “What are you preparing for?” We can’t prepare for the unexpected. What if I’m not sure where I am being led? That’s when I turn to prayer…frequently. On the way to the monastery, my thoughts were all over the place. The three hour drive became a long and much needed preparation for this personal retreat.

At the end of each day here at Saint Meinrad, the final Liturgy of the Hours (my favorite one) is Compline. Together, brothers and sisters in Christ kneel in silence, reflecting on the day. In the quiet stillness of the large church, the trickle of the baptismal font is a gentle reminder of God’s presence. The moment that brought the most life to me today was spending time in the kitchen with a friend who is no longer living; preparing her delicious recipe for strawberry bread. I hadn’t planned to bake before heading out the door, but I hated to waste strawberries that wouldn’t be good when I returned. I even had enough left to make a smoothie. So as I prepared and smelled the aroma of all things strawberry, I reflected on her life. This faithful, dedicated woman loved the church with all her heart, mind and strength. And as friends share the joy of baking her strawberry bread, we remember her love as she lives on in our hearts. What am I preparing for? Love.

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