Sparkling Joy

I was handling a large sheet of glittery fabric today in the choir robing room, and now I have sparkles all over my hair, clothes…pretty much everywhere. The minuscule specks unexpectedly caught my eye all day long, as if God was winking at me. Glitter can be annoying unless viewed with child-like wonder. Once I was doing a project with students during Advent, and I’m pretty sure most of the glitter spilled. I didn’t realize how much was on the carpet until we turned off the overhead lights and turned on the Christmas lights. The whole floor looked awash in stars. We silently stood in awe and decided not to vacuum because it was such a special effect. Perhaps next time we sing in worship, a choir robe or two will sparkle just a tad; bringing us a bit of unexpected “God winking” joy.

3 thoughts on “Sparkling Joy”

  1. Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mom’s death. She always loved glitter. Your blog made me smile as I remembered how much a card with glitter would thrill her. I have to admit that she passed the delight on to me. I still feel like a child when I receive a card that has some of the magic stuff on it. Thank you for the memories.

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