Foraging for Life

Since when did googling acorns bring up investment apps? Anyway, back on focus….I picked up some fallen acorns today from the driveway. First taste of fall! Actually, I do wonder what an acorn tastes like, so I just ordered some acorn flour intending to make bread. I initially thought I’d crack the shells and grind the acorn meat, but I read that it needs to be leached with water to remove the tannins. I also want to make sure everyone who samples the bread stays safe since I am not an experienced forager; just curious.

I once observed a squirrel burying an acorn in my patio planter. Since acorn tannins taste bitter, the smart squirrel may wait to consume some of them, allowing sufficient time for the groundwater to leach out the tannins. Once considered a dietary staple in some cultures, acorns have mostly been replaced by grains, so their importance has greatly diminished. I will attempt to bring some life back into the neglected acorn by introducing its taste to others. What other parts of my life are neglected and in need of new life? Maybe if I begin to name them, forage and share these discoveries with others, new life will be created.

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