It’s Alive!

Second day of teff flour fermentation for injera, Ethiopian flatbread. Since I had never tasted this grain before, I made teff porridge for breakfast. It has a very nutty taste, and it filled me up all day! A few add-ons included honey and raisins, and the first nuts I pulled out of the freezer happened to be pecans, so those also went into this porringer of deliciousness.

It amazes me how much life is in this bowl of fermenting flour and water. The grain can’t transform on its own without water bringing it to life. After a few more days of fermentation, it will be further transformed into sourdough-risen flatbread, the most fundamental component of any meal in this region of Africa.

Living water, never ending, quench the thirst and flood the soul. Wellspring, Source of life eternal, drench our dryness; make us whole. ~Sylvia G. Dunstan

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