God’s Reflection

When my friend returned home after visiting this summer, she texted me this picture of a rainbow greeting her as she drove up the driveway and said it was such a comforting sight. Our daughter returns home for several days after recently moving to a new apartment and before her graduate classes begin. We’re looking forward to spending some relaxing time together before she heads back to a busy schedule. Our son just moved into a new home with his host family as he begins school in Denmark. When we spoke last week he said he was a bit homesick but having so much fun. Many other students are beginning new lives away from home, and it’s not always easy to adjust. But once we do, by experiencing new things and enduring, we grow in many ways. It also helps to know we have a home to come back to, offering a bit of comfort before our next adventure. Even if our home is not in the same place as it was before, God’s love is steadfast and always with us in our heart. And we can be reminded of this love when seeing God’s beauty in the world, like a rainbow welcoming us home.

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