I attended a bridal shower today. One of the games tested how well we knew the bride, and it challenged us to guess how she would answer the questions. Something I’ve learned over the years has been very helpful when I’m in a room of people I don’t know very well. While in a conversation and that awkward time of silence occurs (great aunt Peanie always said it must be twenty past the hour), it is a good time to pull out the open-ended questions. An introvert, I’m all about keeping the focus away from myself, so I direct my attention to others. As I checked off the answers I thought were correct, it occurred to me that I’m not sure how members of my own family would answer many of them. Sometimes we know more about our friends than our family. How easy it is to miss the details, and how important it is to remember the details. It doesn’t take much effort; just desire. These seemingly insignificant details can actually create stronger bonds between family and friends. And when I have questions for God, our relationship grows stronger if I listen to his answers with intention.

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