Popped, roasted, sautéed, boiled, steamed, fried, grilled, creamed, baked…this cereal grain is so versatile. I have fond memories of shaking a pan of kernels over the stovetop, waiting, and listening for them to pop. Corn fields are a typical sight while traveling in the Midwest, and cornstalk mazes have provided much entertainment for our family over the years. What is my favorite part of the corn? I love eating strips of kernels freshly cut off the cob and the sweet milky juice. Our cat likes corn milk too! Making corn tortillas for the first time, the slightly burnt smell reminds me of the wonderful butter-grilled corn on the cob aroma wafting through the air at Silver Dollar City. Corn tortillas are the staple bread in most of Mexico, and maize, an essential food in many regions of the world. I didn’t grow up eating tortillas, and I am new to creating these flatbreads from corn. But I may be a fan, because hot and fresh, they are so tasty. I can see why they are a popular vehicle for transporting food from plate to mouth. Maize. Grain of life.

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