Let the Bread Speak

I am not comfortable in front of the camera, but a few days ago I was filmed for a Facebook promotion of our church’s World Communion Sunday. All week long I thought about what to say. Should I make notes so I don’t forget anything? I was so relieved to be staged in the kitchen where the bread could speak for me. Behind the dough I felt comfortable, and the words seemed to flow as the variety of breads took center stage. No cue cards “kneaded”. I don’t think of myself as a salesperson, but I do know that someone good in sales must know and believe in their product. I’m not selling anything, but I love to share things I’m passionate about. World Communion involves bread and faith. Score!

Bread can uncover memories from the past. Some loaves include unexpected or unfamiliar ingredients; offering better understanding of other cultures. Twenty members of our congregation are baking forty varieties of bread from around the world to sample on October 7. World Communion Sunday and the bread fellowship after worship is hard to describe in words, so it’s really best to come and experience for yourself the many tastes and treasures. If you cannot attend, you may visit my recent blog posts which describe much of the bread I’m baking.

Bread is universal. Bread is life. Bread speaks to me, and bread speaks for me.

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