Bread Snakes

When our church began the annual Trunk or Treat event, I decided to make squiggly bread sticks and call them bread snakes. I’ve continued this tradition for the last several years, each year thinking I might not make them because of the time it takes to roll the dough into dozens of small snakes. Over the years I have gained a few student helpers, and that has helped. But this year I thought I would take a pass after baking so much for World Communion. Well, a child asked my husband if there would be bread snakes at Trunk or Treat again. That did it. Sometimes one comment is all it takes to move from a definite “no”, or even a slight teetering, to “of course there will be bread snakes.” It can be very hard to break a tradition. But I’m not complaining. I think deep down I would have missed not handing them out on Sunday. What I will not miss is decorating my trunk; that I prefer to leave to others. So I will hand out the bread snakes from my mobile food trunk. Come and find me on Sunday if you want a taste, but there is a limited supply, so come early before the snakes slip away.

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