Finish Line

I never finished that latch hook rug I began early in my teenage years. Other projects over the years, even with good intentions, were never completed…except for the one I am in the midst of now. I’m one week away from the finish line. I set a goal for myself to share a daily story of faith, hope, or love, for one year. That’s how this blog began.

As with any long term project, much is discovered and learned along the way. As I approach 365 posts, I’m amazed as I reflect on all that happened this past year. Soon the pace of writing will lessen and my journey will lead me through different places. Just as a marathoner completes a race yet continues to enjoy running, I have no intention of stopping altogether. My posts will be less frequent and I’ll write when the Spirit moves me. What will I replace my time with? Even though I have ideas, I cannot answer that yet. One thing I have learned is that my ideas are not always what God may have in mind for me. I guess we’ll both have to wait and see….

2 thoughts on “Finish Line”

  1. We have had the privilege of following your reflections each day this year. Thank you for sharing your insight, reflections and love with us. Your journey has touched many of us, in ways you may not even know.

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