First Light

The first purple and orange light reflecting into the west beckoned me to turn to a window facing east. As I watched birds flying high in the air, the whole sky changed. Waiting for the sun to peek between branches and leaves, through speckled openings, my breathing became slow and steady. The sky became less filtered and more crisp as the light turned brighter. Now in a peaceful place, my mind rid of needless clutter, I could focus on listening to God. Morning visio divina:

Here it comes…fresh, new light creating contrasting silhouettes of the trees. Now a glimmer; a reflection of hope. Rising higher through the branches, the glow takes on the look of a burning bush. Constantly evolving. Day after day, never the same. The clouds add to the light’s beauty and transformation. It moves so slowly! O Lord, how long must I wait? These trees are awfully tall. God’s time. I wonder what today will bring, and tomorrow and tomorrow.

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