Silently Waiting

It’s been nearly twenty-five years since the youth group gathered items for a time capsule to be unearthed in celebration of our church’s 75th anniversary. 1993 seems so long ago, but now we are one week away from the actual date, and I am so excited! I remember observing some of the contents being collected, but I really don’t remember details about what they are. I’m pretty sure a cassette tape or whatever we used back then may be revealed; possibly a church bulletin and photos. Beyond that, I’ll just have to wait. For now they are silently and patiently waiting underneath a bush near the church’s cornerstone.

There are plans for another time capsule to be created for the big 100. What would I include? Hmmm.

One thought on “Silently Waiting”

  1. It’s amazing how technology and things we use change over time, but God’s word is consistent and holds true across all time!

    Thanks so much for sharing your reflections with us Anne!

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